Achieving Equality in the Construction Industry

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Traditionally seen as a male-dominated field, the construction industry is on the cusp of a transformative era. Recent initiatives and technological advancements pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable working environment for women. Among these, the Victorian Government’s Building Equality Policy (BEP) stands out as a landmark approach to fostering gender equality through government procurement in building, infrastructure, civil engineering, and other capital works projects.

Is the Building Equality Policy (BEP) a game changer?

Is the Building Equality Policy (BEP) a game changer?

Is the Building Equality Policy (BEP)
a game changer?

The BEP requires contractors to undertake significant actions to promote gender equality within their workforce. 


These actions include: 


  • Meeting project-specific gender equality targets, ensuring that women are not just present but actively contributing and leading within the construction sector. 
  • Engaging women as apprentices and trainees, opening up pathways for women to enter and excel in the construction industry. 
  • Implementing Gender Equality Action Plans (GEAPs), which outline specific steps and measures contractors will adopt to create a more inclusive workplace. 

For more details on the BEP, visit the official Victorian Government website.

Insights from UNSW Sydney researchers

Insights from UNSW Sydney researchers

A report from UNSW Sydney sheds light on the persistent barriers to gender equality in construction.


Key findings include:


  • The industry’s long hours and the expectation of total availability disproportionately impact women, particularly those with caregiving responsibilities. 
  • A culture that tolerates sexism, including inappropriate drawings, wording, and behaviour, makes the construction environment unwelcoming for women. 
  • Challenges surrounding parental leave and the negotiation thereof, despite existing policies. 

The report advocates for meaningful changes, such as the introduction of part-time, shared, and flexible roles; a zero-tolerance policy towards sexism; and improved on-site facilities for women. These measures aim to make the construction sector more accessible and supportive for female professionals. 


Read the full research.

Equality at Loop Logics

Equality at Loop Logics

Loop Logics construction management software emerges as a powerful tool in this journey towards equality. Designed with user-friendliness in mind our technology doesn’t discriminate.

At Loop Logics, equality is not just a concept - it's a practiced reality. We embrace diversity across all aspects of our operations, ensuring that everyone, irrespective of gender or background, has equal access to opportunities and advancements. Moreover, through our construction management software, we promote a level playing field where efficiency and productivity are the common goals shared by all users. By providing an intuitive platform that simplifies complex tasks, Loop Logics software ensures that all customers, regardless of gender, have equal opportunities to manage projects effectively and efficiently. This technological solution enhances productivity and supports the industry's shift towards a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

The construction industry stands on the threshold of transformative change. This shift transcends mere compliance and quota fulfillment, aiming instead to cultivate an inclusive culture that cherishes diversity and equal opportunity. As the industry progresses, it’s not just the physical landscapes that will be reshaped but also the  social landscape, allowing opportunities for all to be a part of an inclusive industry.

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