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Step 1 - CONTACT

  • Understand your business goals, struggles and needs.
  • Visit our website at www.looplogics.com
  • Make contact with the team by clicking the ‘Book Free Demo’ or ‘Contact Us’ buttons.
  • Our Team will contact you for a Loop Construction Management Software demo.


You will receive onboarding docs and will need to return the following:

  • Preferred company logo - for headers/footers and email signature if these are different, please provide both.
  • User Details - People you want set up as users
  • Workflow details - if you already have these set up for your business
  • Scope or estimate details - For example, the preferred cost centre names for each job
  • Templates - WHS templates, work order, quoting and reporting templates
  • Accounting software details - you will need to login to the software during your onboarding session
  • Contacts Database - List of Clients, Subcontractors and Suppliers


  • Loop Logics creates your company's personalised Loop package, within 10 business days.
  • Onboarding session with your team.
  • Onboarding Plan - For companies with over 20 users, Loop Logics will develop a customised onboarding plan.
  • Support - Your team can access support videos and training docs on the Self-Service Portal. Our Customer Success Team is accessible for any queries you may have during your journey.

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